What: POP-ALERT & TACTIC Joint Final Conference
Brussel, Belgium
When: 15-16 March 2016

Improving preparedness in Europe through risk communication and community-based approaches
The POP-ALERT and TACTIC final conference will bring together researchers and practitioners interested in community preparedness from across Europe. The conference seeks to explore the following issues:

  • Getting communities ready to prepare: is preparedness possible for all types of hazard and what shapes communities’ preparedness?
  • Using and evaluating risk communication to influence preparedness: What works and what does not (under what kind of contexts)?
  • Perspectives of preparedness: views from the field
  • Using novel tools to improve preparedness and alerting
  • Collaborating for preparedness: bringing scientific and practical perspectives of preparedness together

A selection of confirmed speakers include:

  • Philippe Quevauviller (European Commission): The impact of such projects in the conext of EU activities
  • Maria Telhado (Civil Protection Department, Municipality of Lisbon): Description of the POP-ALERT Pilot Project in Lisbon
  • Jean-Christophe Bourdin (Northern Corsica Fire Department): Novel technologies in Corsica, the SDIS mobile app
  • Nikos Moustakidis (Greek Centre for Security Studies): Results of the intercultural communication analysis and recommendations
  • Christoph Oberacker (Bavarian Environment Agency, Germany): Lessons learned from the 2013 flood in Bavaria and outline of a new flood risk communication strategy
  • Koos van der Helm (Centric): the Dutch Population Dashboard for Environmental hazards and potential synergies with POP-ALERT
  • Karin Metz and Sawyer Baker (Global Disaster Preparedness Centre, United States): A global perspective on preparedness
  • Benoit Ramacker (Belgian Crisis Center): Communicating on terrorism during November 2015

Please find the agenda here.

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